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We are Morelia Chihauhuas and we have been captivated by this wonderful breed for over four years now. We started out with our pet chihuahuas, which increased our interest and admiration for the breed.

We later decided that we would like to show and eventually breed these lovely little dogs

We are focusing primarily on smooth coats at this moment, but we do have long coats too.

We have been very lucky to have sourced some of the nicest and well bred dogs from the most prestigious kennels in the country. We have aquired some beautiful dogs from as close as Dr. Geoff Curr in London, (Natimuk) to far down in Devon from Mrs. Angela Aylett (Angcherish). We are extremely grateful to the breeders for entrusting us with these dogs. Hopefully they will be the backbone in our Morelia line, as most of our dogs are Champion sired and of just the type that we like.

Our dogs are our pets first and foremost and are treated like members of the family. They all live indoors and have free run of the house, except if we are out, (for their own safety) or at bed time when they will cuddle up together in their large Crufts playpens.

Thy are fed a top quality food and have chicken twice a week, and natural treats such as dried pig snouts, dried sausages and pizzle sticks to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

They spend a lot of time in the garden out in the fresh air which they love. We also take them for walks in the Kent countryside where we live, our dogs are very happy and healthy.

We breed true to the breed standard and aim for typey, well proportioned and healthy dogs with an outgoing nature and good character.

We will remain a small kennel as we always want our dogs to live inside the home with us, that is our priority.

We hope to have success in the show ring in the future, but that is far from our priority, and only if the dogs enjoy it. If they don't, they will not be shown. Being at home with them and raising the puppies is what we enjoy most of all. Their happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing to us.

We primarily breed for ourselves, but occasionally we may have puppies available for sale. Our puppies are reared in our home in a warm, safe and loving environment. If you are interested in a puppy from us or have any questions, please feel free to email or call us. If you are emailing, please include your full name, affix (if you have one), your experience with chihuahuas, and what you are looking for.

We do export, so export enquiries are most welcome.

We are proud members of The British Chihuahua Club.

We DO NOT agree with, nor do we advocate the breeding of MERLE chihuahuas!

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoyed looking at our pages.

Email: moreliachihuahuas@hotmail.co.uk


Last Updated: 02.10.2013